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Established in 2011

Everything has a beginning. In order to appreciate the present you have to know and appreciate the past! Our roots run deep in the Mina community. Let us show you! In 1984, Ken's Place got it's start at the lake. Opened for business, Ken's offered food options such as burgers, hamburger steaks, fried chicken and chicken fried steak. With the owners fighting the system they got a petition signed to lift the covenant on the lake. A covenant that banned the consumption of alcohol on Mina Lake. Having done this, Ken's Place was able to provide a full bar to it's guests! Thank you Ken's Place!! After 5 years of business Ken's Place closed and made way for Mariner's Inn.

Mariner's Inn, which opened in 1989, would quickly become the place to be at the lake. Being innovative, Mariner's Inn got creative to attract it's guests and provide food you couldn't get anywhere else. Thus began Burrito Night, Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin Night and the extremely popular cheese and onion hash browns side option! Mariner's also offered wild game feeds where they would cook dove medallions and other wild game options. With the ability to serve alcohol at the lake now, Mariner's wasted little time giving their guests what they wanted. The only difference between what Mariner's did and what Ken's Place offered was Mariner's raised the price of beer from $1.25 to $1.35. To battle the harsh winter's that encompass the lake, Mariner's had to find a way to get guests in the doors. Enter the golf simulator! Taking up one side of the building guests were able to use real golf clubs and play a round of golf in the cold and enjoy a few beverages as well! Mariner's sold bait, served lunch and dinner, had a full bar, offered paddle boat rides and a golf simulator. They served the local community for 21 years. With the times changing and the building Mariner's was in aging, it was time for yet another new chapter. The present!

Mina Lake water tower with a municipal building nextdoor

The Wakeside Bar and Grill officially opened in the Fall of 2011. With a facelift and a new direction, The Wakeside offers a full lunch and dinner menu as well as a full bar offering guests a vast array of options. Serving the best steaks and seafood around The Wakeside also offers delicious pastas, burgers, sandwiches, salads and wings! Using as many fresh ingredients as possible and preparing our food from scratch as much as possible, we are able to offer our guests a great food and drink experience all around! The willingness and desire of the Wakeside to be everchanging and creative sets them apart from the rest. To add to the options The Wakeside also provides an event center for hosting everything from weddings to christmas parties and any other event you can think of! From the past to the present, The Wakeside Bar and Grill plans on continuing the tradition of the bar and grill on Mina Lake.