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Our Menu


Dry Rubs: Garlic Herb | Parmesan | Cajun | Lemon Pepper | Ranch | Texas Dust

Sauces: Buffalo | BBQ | Double Dip | Hot | Teriyaki | Sweet Chili | Korean BBQ |Sweet & Hot |Mango Habanero | Carolina Tangy Gold | Honey Glaze | Jamaican Jerk


12 pieces - $13.00 | 6 pieces - $8.00


1 lb boneless - $13.00 | 1/2 lb - $8.00


Sseasoned beef tips deep fried

Cheese Curds$9.00

Battered, cheddar, ranch

Onion Rings$8.00


Jalapeno Cheese Pobbers$9.00


Battered Mushrooms$7.00

Mac & Cheese Bites$8.00

Zesty Pickles $8.00

Breaded, seasoned


Tortilla, cheddar, Cajun ranch

Add a protein: Chicken, Sausage, Bacon $3.00 | Shrimp, Salmon, Steak, Walleye $5.00

Chips n' Dips$8.00

Tortilla chips, queso blanco


Taco meat, tortilla chips with queso, lettuce, tomato, black olives, sour cream, jalapeños, salsa & onions

Loaded Fries $10.00

Shredded beef, cajun ranch green onion, salsa, black olives, cheddar cheese

Loaded Tots$9.00

Queso cheese, bacon, shredded cheddar, tomato, green onion


Fries, chislic, cheese curds, green onion, gravy

Soup of The Day

Cup $3.00 | Bowl $6.00

Sampler Platter$19.00

Cheese curds, onion rings, bobbers, jalapeño cheese poppers, zesty pickles



Marinara, mozzarella, pepperoni, onion, peppers, black olives, mushrooms, italian sausage

8-Inch - $8.00 | 16-Inch - $16.00


Marinara, mozzarella, pepperoni

8-Inch - $7.00 | 16-Inch - $14.00

Chicken Alfredo

Alfredo, mozzarella, grilled chicken, tomato

8-Inch - $8.00 | 16-Inch - $16.00

Chicken Bacon Ranch

Chicken, bacon, ranch, mozzarella

8-Inch - $8.00 | 16-Inch - $16.00

BBQ Chicken

BBQ sauce, chicken, red pepper, mozzarella

8-Inch - $8.00 | 16-Inch - $16.00

All Meat

Marinara, mozzarella, Italian sausage, bacon, pepperoni

8-Inch - $8.00 | 16-Inch - $16.00

Taco Pizza

Taco meat, lettuce , tomato, onion, black olives jalapeños, taco sauce, cheddar cheese

8-Inch - $8.00 | 16-Inch - $16.00

Cheese Pizza

Mozzarell, sauce

8-Inch - $6.00 | 16-Inch - $12.00


Salads available in a wrap option

Add a protein: Chicken, Sausage, Bacon $3.00 | Shrimp, Salmon, Steak, Walleye $5.00

House Salad$7.00

Mixed greens, cucumber, radish, carrot, croûtons

Add a protein

Caesar Salad$8.00

Romaine, caesar, parmesan, croûtons

Add a protein

Chicken Salad$10.00

Crispy or grilled, mixed greens, tomato, cheddar

Southwest Salad $9.00

Acadian mix, cucumber, black olive, tortilla chips, corn & black bean fiesta, red onion, tomato, cheddar cheese

Add a protein

Berry Salad$9.00

Mixed greens, fresh berries, almonds, croûtons

Salad Bar$8.95

Upgrade side for $3.95



Tater Tots$3.00

French Fries$3.00

Baked Potato$3.00



House Salad$3.00

Caesar Salad$3.00

Seasonal Salad$3.00


Mashed Potatoes$3.00

Premium Sides

Cheese Curds$5.00

Hashbrowns $5.00

With cheese & onions

Onion Rings$5.00

Sweet Potato Fries$5.00


House Sweet$5.00


(2) - $8.00 | (4) - $12.00

Burgers & In-Betweens

Choice of ONE side

Burger Toppings: Sautéed Mushrooms, Sautéed Onions, BBQ, Jalapeños - $0.50 | Bacon, Cheddar,
Bleu Cheese, Swiss, Pepper Jack, Egg - $1.00

Wake Burger$9.00

Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle

Add a burger topping

Beer Cheese Burger $11.00

Beer cheese sauce, bacon, charred onions, pretzel bun

Peanut Butter Burger$11.00

Peanut butter, bacon, smokey sharp cheddar, pretzel bun

Black n’ Bleu Burger$11.00

Blackened, bleu cheese, bacon, cajun seasoning

Big Pontoon Burger$14.00

Two patties, cheddar, bacon, swiss, mushrooms

Little Pontoon$10.00

One patty, cheddar, bacon, swiss, mushrooms

Bison Burger$13.00

Caramelized onions, jalapeños, pepper jack, bacon, garlic mayo

Patty Melt$11.00

Wheat bread, sautéed onions, American, swiss

Pub Dip$12.00

Sourdough, sliced prime rib, Swiss, au jus

Philly Steak$12.00

Hoagie, sliced prime rib, onion, peppers, queso blanco

Chicken Sandwich$10.00

Lettuce, tomato (grilled or fried)

Chicken Bacon Ranch$11.00

Grilled or fried, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, ranch

Chicken BLT Panini$11.00

Bacon, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes,

Chipotle Chicken Panini$11.00

Spinach, chipotle mayo, tomatoes, pepper jack

Chicken Strips$11.00

golden seasoned, fried

Walleye Fish Sandwich$12.00

(Naked or breaded) pan seared walleye, lettuce, parsley

Certified Black Angus

Soup or salad, choice of one side

Add Salad Bar $3.95


Hand cut flavor-able marbleized rib steak

12 oz. cut $24.00 | 16 oz. cut $30.00

Filet Migon$26.00

Select cut of beef wrapped in bacon


8 oz. cut - a SD legend

Big Plates

Soup or salad, choice of one side

Bold Pasta $15.00

Penne, spicy cream, peppers, onion. Served with soup or salad

Add a protein

Homemade Mac n’ Cheese$15.00

Sautéed peppers, onions, pepper jack, American. Served with soup or salad

Add a protein

Fettuccine Alfredo $15.00

Fettuccine, alfredo. Served with soup or salad

Add a protein


With choice of seasoning, almonds


2 pan seared (naked or breaded) fillets, salt, pepper, parsley

Fried Shrimp $15.00

8 breaded shrimp

Grilled Shrimp $21.00

8 shrimp with choice of seasoning

Fish Tacos$13.00

Mahi mahi blackened, pineapple mango, salsa, cabbage

Seafood Platter$30.00

Lobster tail, crag legs, shrimp, corn on cob

Drinks Menu

Ask about any special offerings!


Bud Light$3.75


Busch Light$3.75


Coors Light $3.75

Grain Belt Premium$3.75

Mich Golden Light$3.75

Mich Ultra$3.75

Miller 64$3.75

Miller Lite$3.75

Bud Select 55$3.75

Coors Non Alcoholic$3.25

Busch Non Alcoholic$3.25

Draft Beer

Bud Light

16oz $3.00 | 22oz $4.00

Dakota Territory Amber

16oz $3.00 | 22oz $4.00

Coors Light

16oz $3.00 | 22oz $4.00

Miller Lite

16oz $3.00 | 22oz $4.00


16oz $4.00 | 22oz $5.00

Alaskan Amber Ale.

16oz $4.00 | 22oz $5.00

Michelobe Ultra

16oz $4.00 | 22oz $5.00

Fargo Stone Throw

16oz $4.00 | 22oz $5.00

Blue Moon

16oz $4.00 | 22oz $5.00

Ales, Pales & IPAs

Fat Tire$4.25

Fresh Squeezed IPA$4.25

Redd’s Apple Ale$4.00

Rolling Rock$4.00

Surly Hell$4.25

Surly Furious$4.25

Odells IPA$4.25

Wood Chuck$4.00


Bud Light Lime$4.00



Corona Premium$4.25

Dos Equis$4.25


Mike’s Black Cherry$4.25

Mike’s Lemonade$4.25

Mike’s Cranberry$4.25

Mike’s Peach$4.25

Shiner Bock$4.25

Stella Artois$4.50


Red Bridge $4.25


Shock Top$4.25

Red Wine

Apothic Red$7.00

$28 bottle

Alamos Cabernet$6.00

$24 bottle

Concannon Pinot Noir$7.00

$28 bottle

14 Hands Merlot $7.00

$28 bottle

Copper Ridge Cabernet$5.00

$18 bottle

Sean Minor Cabernet Sauvignon $9.00

$35 bottle

House Cabernet Sauvignon$5.00

House Merlot$5.00

White Wine

Chateau St. Michelle Reisling $7.00

$28 bottle

Primo Moscato $7.00

$28 bottle

Kendall Jackson$8.00

$32 bottle

Beringer White Zinfandel$5.00

$20 bottle

Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio$8.00

$32 bottle

André Spumante Sparkling White Wine $5.00

$18 bottle

Copper Ridge Chardonnay$5.00

$18 bottle

Sean Minor Sauvignon Blanc Sour $9.00

$30 bottle

Sean Minor Chardonnay$9.00

$36 Bottle

Non Alcoholic


Diet Coke


Mello Yello

Roy Rogers

Raspberry Iced Tea

Unsweetened Iced Tea

Root Beer

Dr. Pepper

Fanta Orange


Chocolate Milk


Shirley Temple